Request for investigation of game content / ゲーム内容について調査を行う場合

The following information is required for us to investigate your game content.

In order for us to investigate the vast amount of BET history, we need to ask you to provide us with the necessary information.

【Details of the problem that occurred】
The date and time the problem occurred.
The table number where the problem occurred.
What kind of operations were you doing before and after the problem occurred?
The image data of the BET history including the game where the problem occurred.

Please make sure to mark the problem area with a red circle.

【How to access the BET history.】
1.Login to LUC888.
2.Click on the top menu "My-LUC".
3.Click on "GAME HISTORY" on the left side.
4. take a screenshot of the date and time when the problem occurred.

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1. LUC888にログイン
2. 上部メニュー「My-LUC」をクリック
3. 左側の「GAME HISTORY」をクリック
4. 問題が発生した日時をスクリーンショット撮影