How to replace the RIGHTCUBE / RIGHTCUBEの交換方法

The following is an introduction to the exchange method of RIGHTCUBE.

After logging in to LUC888, you can exchange FGC for RIGHTCUBE from the item of "Trade" in the menu bar displayed at the top.

After logging in to LUC888, click "Trade" in the image (1).
Because the exchange form of RIGHTCUBE is displayed when you click "Exchange→" in ② in the image, you can exchange RIGHTCUBE according to the procedure.

You can also earn RIGHTCUBE by trading at "1 / CUBE = 1,000,000 / FGC".

The maximum number of RIGHTCUBES that can be exchanged per user is 100.
It is not possible to exchange RIGHTCUBE for FGC.
RIGHTCUBE cannot be exchanged for FGC. Once the exchange of RIGHTCUBE is confirmed by FGC, it cannot be changed or cancelled.





また、「1 / CUBE = 1,000,000 / FGC」でトレードすることによって獲得できます。

※ ユーザー様1人につき、交換上限は100個までとさせていただきます。
※ RIGHTCUBEをFGCに交換する事はできません。
※ FGCでRIGHTCUBEの交換を確定させた後の変更やキャンセルはできませんので予めご了承ください。