How to BET GC (Game Chips) / GC(ゲームチップ)をBETする方法

Here are the instructions on how to BET your GC (Game Chips).

First, select the table you wish to participate in and enter the room.

Select the chips you want to bet from ① in the image.

After you have selected your chips, click on the "BET" button in the image ➁ and place the desired number of chips on the table.

Finally, click on "DEAL" in the image ③ to complete the betting process.
※The above BET flow must be performed before the BET acceptance time reaches "0" in the yellow frame of the image.

The explanation of each item is as follows.

"Redo" allows you to place game chips by recreating the location and quantity of chips you placed in the previous game.
"DEAL" determines the amount of GC you have bet and completes the betting.
"LOOK" allows you to forfeit the game without making a BET.
"CANCEL" can cancel the BET GC before pressing the DEAL.