If you do not receive a system mail such as a verification code mail / 認証コードメールなど、システムメールが届かない場合


I haven't received a verification code email to use with GIFT.
I have not received a verification code email to use to change my email address.
I don't receive an email to verify my email address, which is used for new registration.

In this case, please check the following items and try again.

①Please make sure that the email address you are checking and the email address registered with LUC888 are correct.
②Depending on the email app or software you are using, your email may have been automatically moved to another folder. Please check to see if the email has been sent to that folder.(promotional inboxes, junk mail, etc.)
③Please use "@ support.co" and "@ luc888.co" when setting up the receiving domain.
④Wait for a while and try again.
⑤The use of Gmail is recommended at LUC888.

If you do not receive an email even after following the steps above, please change your registered information to your Gmail address and try again.

If you have registered your account with a Japanese mobile phone carrier, it may be difficult to receive your email, so we recommend you to use Gmail to register your account with LUC888.

Please see below for information on changing your email address.

〈How to change your email address〉

① Access My-LUC
② Select "Change Email Address" in your profile.
③ Enter your new email address.
④ Enter your login password
⑤ Check the new email address's inbox (you will receive a verification code)
⑥ Copy the verification code in the email.
⑦ Paste it into the verification code entry form on the profile screen
⑧ Select "Send Code".

Please take extra care in managing your registration information.
Please do not give your password to others.
We cannot be held responsible for the leakage of account information to any third party.




③受信ドメイン設定をされる場合には、「@ support.co」および「@ luc888.co」でご設定くださいますようお願いいたします。




① My-LUCにアクセス
② プロフィール内の「メールアドレスを変更」を選択
③ 変更後のメールアドレスを入力
④ ログインパスワードを入力
⑤ 新メールアドレスの受信フォルダを確認(認証コードが届きます)
⑥ メール文中の認証コードをコピーする
⑦ プロフィール画面の認証コード入力フォームに貼り付ける
⑧ 「コードを送信する」を選択