How to send a GIFT ? / ギフトを送るには?

Gifts is a feature that allows you to send and receive in-game items (such as FGCs) to other users within LUC888.
You will need the account ID of the person you are sending gifts to.
※About account ID... 

After logging in, open "Profile" by clicking "Settings" from the menu at the top of the TOP screen.
Account ID is an 8-digit number written under "Account ID". 
”PROFILE”の”ACCOUNT ID”の下に記載されている8桁の数字列のことです。

Next, I will introduce you how to send a gift.
①When you are logged in to LUC888, select "My-LUC" and "ITEM" from the top menu bar to view the game items you have.
②When you select "GIFT" in the upper right corner, a form will appear to allow you to enter the person you wish to send a game item to.
Select the game item you want to send.

③Type in the "Account ID" of the receiver.
 Click "1. SEARCH" when completed.
赤枠内の”Account ID”に送りたい相手の”Account ID”を入力してください。
入力が完了したら”1. SEARCH”をクリックしてください。


④Confirmation will be displayed and check the "Account ID" and "User Name" of the receiver.
 Click ”2.SEND GIFT"
すると、確認のために入力した相手の ”ID番号” と ”ユーザーネーム” が表示されますので、間違いがなければ
下の ”2.SEND GIFT” を クリックして下さい。

 ⑤Enter the quantity of game items to be sent in the form and click "SEND".

Click on the "MAX" button in ※1 to automatically enter the maximum number of game items you have.


If you are sure about the quantity you want to gift, click "OK".


You will receive an email with a verification code, keep the screen where you can enter the verification code and check the email you received.

 ⑥You will receive an email with a verification code.

Please confirm the contents and enter the verification code described in the text within 12 hours.
After completing, click [Submit] below.


 ⑦If you see a page like the one below,your gifting's completed.

To find out how to check your GIFT history and game item send/receive history, please click here.